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The Heart KNOWS...

Trusting in the wisdom of the heart.

Have you ever wondered what it means to trust in the wisdom of the heart?

I do.

All the time.

I’m relentless in my quest to know it’s depths.

Did you know that the heart is one of the little brain centers of our selves that holds BIG intelligence? The ancients believed it is actually a center of higher wisdom. ( I won’t get all “scientsy” but there is also fascinating research articles about the heart as an emotional brain center and the heart-brain pathway of communication that is beyond cool. 🤓)

But back to the heart. 💗 As a child one of my FAVORITE places to be is the library. I spent countless hours there getting lost in literary adventures. I often thought of myself as a librarian, mining through new discoveries in total bliss. Such is the case with my own heart. I’m completely fascinated by its it communicates to me and shifts my perspective on life. How it pumps out sustaining elements that are vital for my existence. I can’t resist browsing through its vast directory of inner wisdom on my quest of searching like a deep

sea diver getting lost in the endless volumes and pathways of truth.

There are also moments of utter confusion as I query my heart for answers about the mysteries of love and what it means to trust in its intuitiveness. Often & honestly, the confusion is because of a blockage of my own creation... a backlog of pain that has been catalogued and pent up like a plaque.

But if I’m willing to be brave and trust in her, my heart happily opens and redirects me and my wayward emotions back to its confident center like a patient mother waiting for her wandering child to finally understand that she had the keys to the kingdom all along.

Inevitably, the answers appear making the unseen become visceral and true.

Survivor sings a song about the experience of these full circle moments of love in “The Search Is Over”. This song was probably penned for the experience of romantic love for another but I have a penchant for turning lyrics to songs that move me into my own personal love notes, often speaking to the little girl inside of me who needs to be reminded of the deep and abiding love that exists within herself.

I was living for a dream, loving for a moment. Taking on the world was just my style. Now I look into your eyes and I can see forever. The search is over, you were with me all the while.

Every high way is leading me back to you...

The search has come full circle, our destinies are one.


If only one is willing to tap in with trust.

If only one is willing to merge with the inner wisdom until we only be and see God.

If only one is willing to dissolve all resistance and surrender into wholeness where truth IN love reside.

Right there in the heart. Where the wisdom resides. (😩🤣)

A place of divine intelligence where destinies of love are waiting to be experienced allowing the search to cease.



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