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Take Someone With You

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

“We rise by lifting others.”

– Robert Ingersoll

Today I read a touching story from a mentor recalling how she was recently a keynote speaker at an event with over 300 women in attendance. Nervous but thankful, she went on to make an impact at the event and establish connections that are still talking about her presentation to this day! She shared that the reason she got the opportunity was because someone advocated for her to be the speaker. Do you know how amazing that is??

A woman who thought highly of her message and calling to the world thought enough to make the recommendation to help elevate the brand of another. We truly rise by lifting others and this is one example of how we all can win just by creating a seat at the table for someone else.

Remember when you were little and wanted to go outside to play and your parents or grandparents would say “you can go but take xxx with you.” I am sure it was orchestrated that way to give much needed peace and quiet to your parents, but also I believe that it was because it’s always good to be supported by people who can stand in solidarity and in partnership with you. It’s life changing to have people in your life to have your back.

Today, on this beautiful day of recognizing womanhood in all her glory, honor and thoughtfulness, on International Woman’s Day, may you always strive to rise with grace in this journey of life and remember to take someone with you. 💜

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