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Open New Doors…

Lord! This book that The Inner Circle Book Club picked out for May… definitely has some twists and turns!

Sometimes, you never know what goes on behind closed doors. I’ve had my share of smiles in public and tears and anguish when no one was looking… wondering why did I create such madness and chaos in my life by my choices. When your life feels like you are backed into a corner, what do you do?

Well, one of my mentors used to say that the answer is always in the same room with the question.

In that corner of my room where I stood wrapped in shame and judgement, I got quiet, unrelenting in seeking God and deciding that I wanted to experience the wellspring of living in overflow. I had to start with my thoughts which led to actions that aligned with this new mindset. And let me tell you, I’m STILL on the path of discovering mastery in this area but I’m grateful each day is a new one to make different choices to experience fuller and brighter aspects of living and loving I only DREAMED and knew in my heart was possible.

For you, may today be the start of new choices for you.. to come from behind closed doors toward open doors of abundance. 💜

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