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Nailed It!!

By now, you’ve all seen the pictures and video of Matthew Cherry‘s magnificent Oscar win for his short film “Hair Love” on the entire social media universe. He #nailedit indeed!! And no, I’m not talking my favorite indulgence show Nailed It! where amateur bakers compete to recreate professional masterpieces and fail miserably. (😩😆)

I digress.

This man posted back in 2012 that he was going to be nominated for an Oscar and in 2020, not only was he nominated, he WON!

The power of your words is so incredible as you create and curate a purpose filled life. Do you know how potent that is?

Camara Williams posted in Monday Morning Motivation that stated: “Don’t ever think your ideas are too big, or your goals too crazy!! Speak with the presumption of success and the universe will reward you with the rest.”

And listen- tell fear to shut it’s ugly face and affirm for yourself the biggest dreams in your heart! And do it with confidence!!

Lets hold each other accountable to LIVE hugely in our dreams, on purpose.

I‘ll boldly share some of mine in the comments. 😘


LaDonna PM

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1 Comment

LaDonna P. Mixon
LaDonna P. Mixon
Feb 10, 2020

I am going to style Ava Duvernay’s locs for a red carpet event!

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