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Gratefully Yours

I give thanks for you. Your kindness, love, prayers, fellowship, thoughtfulness, notes of encouragement and the joy of our connection. It goes without saying that this type of love is sustaining and everlasting and I give endless gratitude for it all.

On yesterday, I felt a huge shift take place.

As I reflect on it, I realize I witnessed with my knowing, a holy day where reconciliation, affirmation and inspiration converged and exploded into an immeasurable joyful experience.

It was as if time stood completely still and for a micro cosmic moment, I watched the reel of the last three years play out in supersonic speed revealing sacred symbols my subconscious mind already knew the legend to. Oh, Holy night!!

As a new day emerges, I greet the dawn in thanksgiving, wanting YOU to know to keep believing God for all you could ever think or dream to be true. The smallest detail will not be overlooked.

Keep decreeing, standing on, speaking over, believing to receive and in joyful expectation of EVERY WORD you’ve prayed about...the silent utterances or the tearful wails when words were just not adequate enough.


And I love you, too.

Merry everything and a happy always!


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