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“Confidently Certified Bawse Lady” Feature by She Is Network!

LaDonna PM is today’s feature for Black History Month!! Check out the article written by Sabrina Willis, owner of

Today's Confidently Certified Bawse Lady feature for Black History Month is LaDonna Mixon👑🖤

LaDonna P. Mixon is the owner of Sankofa Creations Spalon.

She is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Natural Hair Specialist, and Loctician.

LaDonna is from Jacksonville, Florida

She attended Florida A&M University, (1997-1998) Ghent Beauty Academy, Graduate and Valedictorian (2000) and currently The University of Sedona.

Sankofa Creations Spalon and Wellness offers holistic beauty wellness solutions, chemical free alternatives and therapeutic services in an atmosphere of healing and tranquility.

In her words, here’s what makes her a “Confidently Certified Bawse”:

As an advocate of self discovery and inner wellness, I recently launched website and “Purposefully Made” platform to fulfill my life’s mission to “Teach•Inspire•Create”. This site features products, services and blogs related to my calling of Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Radio Personality

Sometimes you find in life that the very thing that you are purposed to do, you already do it effortlessly and with grace. Throughout my life, I’ve discovered:

~I have a natural gift of helping others discover and unlock their own true potential.

~I have a natural ability to connect people with resources to fulfill their own purpose.

~I am a natural educator.

All of these things combined with inherent creativity- it was by divine design that I became a beauty wellness advocate and Spalon owner helping others along their healing transformation journey - mind, body and soul.

I later discovered my maternal grandmother had a salon and utilized her own healing hands as a nurse in her lifetime.

Day in and out, I get the gift of ushering people into a path of self discovery with natural hair or spiritual wellness and it is soul fulfilling! This is how I continue to know and understand my purpose. The Spalon, corporate jobs, writing, hosting or the public persona are just vehicles to help spread my purpose around to those that need to discover their own true calling. I am merely a conduit.

LaDonna shares that one of the main challenges on her journey to success was accepting being made for and on purpose.

Initially- because I was always helping others with their own expansion - I was looking for the return or exchange and when I didn’t get it- I felt shortchanged and deflated.

I laugh when I think about the conversations I’ve had with God over those misguided feelings. I had to really see that helping and being servant minded and hearted - is the gift! Helping others discover their true selves helps me uncover mine. It’s above me, literally!

I overcame these challenges by returning within to a space of gratitude and love for how I was made. I am grateful for the clarity on how my gifts are to be expressed and used and also thankful that I’m also shown ways to protect myself with safe self agency (and care) so that I’m not over extending.

Her advice she leaves is: This profession or any- discover your purpose and then any and everything that you endeavor will align perfectly with your unique talents and abilities. Don’t get into trading dollars for your precious time if your heart is not in it. Your authenticity ( or the lack thereof) will reflect on how confidently you are walking in your purpose. Get comfortable with being purposefully YOU and let that shine in everything you do because everyone else is already taken.

Be sure to follow LaDonna PM and Sankofa Creations Spalon to stay in the know, as she is making major bawse lady moves!

Thank you LaDonna for allowing me to feature you, during black history month!

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