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Climbing Mountains

I was listening to the audio book Bamboozled by Yvonne Orji and when she said this line…

You trying to be relatable to the masses prevents you from being relevant to your purpose.”


I stopped the audio and let it marinate a lil bit.

Often, we think our mission in life is about quantity but really it’s about the measure of quality. What mountain have you been called to but you’ve been hesitant to climb to its peak?

I’ve been called to use my voice to teach, inspire and create tools of self discovery for the purpose pursuer.

And the ridiculous part, was that I didn’t think I was qualified.

Who was I to teach these principles without credentials?”

“I don’t have all together.”

“I don’t like the way my voice sounds on audio. 🙄”

And on and on. Lemme tell you, for every reason you can think of NOT walking fully in your purpose, I promise there is evidence to back up exactly why the perfect person is YOU.

You have mountains you’ve been called to climb because it was YOU, dear heart that set out on the journey with crazy faith and determination through being a college drop out newly married with a newborn.

It was YOU who became a high earning corporate superstar with no degree but plenty of determination to win multiple awards of excellence and shine as a leader.

It was certainly YOU - the middle child who watched her mother take her last breath while one of your siblings was in prison and the other missing since you were 14.

It was YOU who co- founded a non profit that impacted thousands of women and men through daily devotionals and empowerment events inspiring them to live their very best purpose filled life.

AAAND it was definitely YOU, darling, who endured bankruptcy and divorce and had to rebuild her life as a single parent from scratch with her savings wiped out.

I write all of this to humbly tell you, Purpose Pursuer, if I can face those mountains and still be determined to climb… I’m qualified.

And so are you.

SOME👏🏾 ONE👏🏾 out there is waiting for you (us) to realize it and walk confidently in it.

I’ll keep reminding you every chance I get if I need to.

The path to purpose begins with self discovery and soon, I’ll be relaunching a path that helped me get clear on relating to my inner man which helped me set some intentions which I then applied and integrated its praxis into my daily living.

Stay connected so you don’t miss out.

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Erika Burke
Erika Burke
Apr 04, 2022

I totally relate to all this!!! I’ve been putting my purpose on hold for tooooo long!


Erika Burke
Erika Burke
Apr 04, 2022

This is my zen.. I’m looking forward to my next hike!

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