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Are you curious about YOUR key strengths?

While we were/are quarantined, one of the things that consistently caught my attention was the plethora of courses and skills that were available to learn for FREE. Would you believe that one of the courses I’m taking is from an Ivy League school and the subject is about happiness?! 😍

My first instinct was to enroll in as much as I could, ignoring all the other courses I was trying to finish. Has this ever happened to you? I’m like a toddler sometimes, just wave a shiny and impactful course (toy) in front of me and I lose control! 😩

But I realize this just stems from a healthy love of learning. I LOVE learning new things. It excites me so much. The real treasure is learning how to balance my love for learning with my normal routines.

Learning new skills helps me to see my world and the world around me in completely new ways. And I’ve learned it is one of my top strengths. Not only have I identified my strengths but I also now realize what a huge role this plays in my purpose assignment.

Let me explain.

People often come to me to consult them and help them figure out their purpose. They ask for advice on what worked in my journey. I’ve always been what I call, a healthy conduit for resources.

Even way back when my Sister and I had our non profit organization Living 4Today Inspirations, Inc., we were the conduits for connecting people to spiritual inspiration and resources they deeply desired through our empowerment retreats/conferences and daily devotionals. It’s a natural gifting that is bolstered by my love for learning new things. Then, I’m able to pass this knowledge to others to help them find their way. 😍

Does this make sense?

And since I know that my mission is to teach, create and inspire tools of self discovery to others, my strengths are in alignment with my calling. It is my personal unique value proposition.* (see my Ps. at the end of this post.) ☺️

I don’t know about you, but this kinda stuff really excites me. THIS is how we are affirmed by knowing we are uniquely and wonderfully made. Or as I like to say, ”Purposefully Made”.

All of these key strengths go together to contribute to the amazingly awesome person you are and how to walk the path of authenticity for yourself.

There are many tools that I feel are truly helpful when it comes to identifying key areas of strengths and honing in on your signature blueprint for purposeful living!! I’ve compiled some amazing tools here on my website.

So back to the strengths. According to the VIA Institute on Character Test, my top three strengths was Gratitude, Love of Learning & Spirituality.

I wasn’t surprised. I’ve been immersed in the process of self discovery for quite some time now, but it always gives me pause for a minute to reflect back on how this is so evident in my life! I feel a deep sense of appreciation for how I show up in the world.

I’m so grateful. (I even created a whole gratitude Journal to write down all the ways I’m grateful. Now available on Amazon!! 😩😭)

What are your key strengths and how do they interplay in your soul’s purpose? I would love it if you shared in the comments some helpful tools you use or if you found value with the resources I’ve provided.

Cheers to your strengths!!!



Ps. If you have a few minutes check our this cool video of Joanna Bloor on understanding your unique value proposition. Start at 11:00 min mark for the live coaching demo or just skip to 35:00.

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