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Affirm Your Amazing Life!

We have enough headlines and newsfeeds wreaking havoc on our immune system by triggering panic and anxiety. To counter those debilitating effects and to help you ground within yourself, I created a deck of life affirming cards to pull from when you need a little boost or a nurturing reminder of the goodness that exists all because you exist!

Use these cards as tool to uplift your spirits and position yourself in the seat of peace.

How to use them:

1. Take 3-4 deep centering breaths, filling your belly with air and slowly releasing the air.

2. Focus your eyes on the cards flashing on the screen.

3. When you are ready, take a screen shot and discover the card you have intuitively chosen.

4. Meditate on the picture and the words. Repeat them to yourself, affirming the words of power into your mind and soul.

5. Repeat as necessary.

6. Share with a friend!

Big hugs and lots of love. I am with you, friend.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you need further guidance.

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