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A Simple Verb

If this isn’t a true testimony of my life right now!! Whew! 😍

Recently, I had to come to grips with my fear of moving on. I recognized the familiar energetic shifts that started to reveal themselves. Things started to look and feel different. I became annoyed at things that didn’t even bother me before. I started to see areas where I had grown comfortable with disorder. And temporarily, just for a moment, I felt stuck.

Have you ever felt stuck before? The kind of stuck that comes from being bound in your own mental trappings. A mentor once told me that the answer is in the same room with the question and while I was stuck in my moment- I frantically searched the room for clues useful for my survival.

Stagnant energy kills dreams and desires. Being stuck causes stagnation if not treated effectively. And first, I needed to address my fears head on and ask the question of myself that I was afraid to confront.

1. What if I took the next step and failed? 2. Why is this happening, now? 3. What would happen if I stayed put? 4. Where do I go from here?

5. What do I need right now in order to get unstuck?

We’ve all had moments where we’ve felt stuck. I’ve been there. I even wrote a chapter in a book about it. 😉 But then, I made a plan for movement. Why? Because movement inspires progression. Since energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it simply transforms from one realm to the next, changing its shape. Movement allows the energy to shift into something purposeful my soul needa in order to rise to the truth within me waiting to be discovered. In the room, was my own inner healing panacea that I can now apply to my life whenever I start to see the signs that I need to just MOVE. Oh, and honey! I’m shaking it up big time.

Now, I’m watching life beautifully unfold because of a simple verb.



Ps. Do you want to read how I overcame one of the BIGGEST transitions in my life? Read my story in Purpose Pushers: The Joy of Discovering and Walking in Your Life’s Purpose and be encouraged to move into victory.

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3 comentarios

LaDonna P. Mixon
LaDonna P. Mixon
08 jun 2020

Thank you Joneen and Kneads for being present. Much love and gratitude!!!!♥️

Me gusta

08 jun 2020

This was like looking in a mirror, thanks for being transparent!!

Me gusta

A Simple Verb....thank you for being faithful to your purpose, you're gently and continually pushing me towards mine. This piece speaks volumes to me. 💜

Me gusta
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