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A Chosen Vessel

This is one of two projects I created in Feb out my love for journaling, now available on Amazon. I talk about this as a tool for self awareness and manifestation on The Owners Manual Podcast because I find it astounding to still have journals from my youth. It is so healing to see areas of my life where I am stretching, learning, unraveling, becoming and creating.

Yesterday, on the first page, I wrote about how the gratitude I am finding in surrendering and letting go is providing me with security and grounding support like I’ve not known before.

The very act of this form of self & soul care anchors the connection to the sweet little girl inside that found solace in writing as her saving grace against the hardship of abandonment. I nurture her through my journal pages and let her see how beautifully she has unfolded in strength and resilience.

In the space of now, she cheers me on from the inside- reminding me of love so endless, peace that sustains and joy overflowing. I reach out and touch these feelings when pen flows across paper, playing in realms of new realities.

What a miracle to see thoughts become words and words become a physical thing. A vessel to hold all of my gratitude for the light and dark, the seen and unseen and the contract and release.

I am so grateful. Psalm 23:6

*The Love Peace and Joy Journal is now available on my website :

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