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Entrepreneur, Inspirational Author, Blogger, Podcast Host and Motivational Speaker 

Life is filled with experiences that reveal an insightful purpose blueprint for you. It has been there all along... through adolescence, marriage, childbirth, divorce, emanations and reinventions...waiting for you to decide to embrace it with  intentionality and authenticity. 

Once I realized this, my mission became clear to do what I do best: inspire you to light the flame of purpose within you.

We are all here for a reason. I am here to help you find yours. 

From My Blog

I used to shy away from sharing deeply personal things about me for fear of being seen. But not anymore.  I realized I am not the only quirky, purpose driven, wisdom loving, big hearted, soul seeker who experiences radical shifts of transformation.  You are too.  I feel you and I see you and that's why I have called you here, friend.


Let's transform together. 

Start Your Journey

Sometimes we need someone who gets it...who knows what it's like to begin again and again to connect the dots of purpose and passion. Who knows what it is life to want to alchemize the trauma you have experienced in life into something more. Who no longer wants to be silenced or extinguished.  I'm here to help uncover your deepest soul calling and help you begin living the life you've longed to manifest.


Schedule a discovery call with me to see if we are the right fit for an energetic and life affirming exchange.  

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“LaDonna has inspired me to never let fear stop me from doing something I am good at. I met her in 2018 and from day one she has always been supportive of my journey in every aspect. There were times I was not confident about starting my Massage business but she spoke life into me as well as guided me to get started. Thank you LaDonna for believing in me and giving me an opportunity to bless others with my talent.”

Ebony Townsend

Owner of Restorative Soul, LLC


“It is truly an honor to call LaDonna my friend. She has been a blessing in my life in more ways than she could ever know. LaDonna lives a purpose driven life that is inspiring to all who meet her. That inspiration has helped me on my path to passion and purpose. LaDonna believed in me before I believed in myself and has been a wonderfully supportive friend, sister, consultant and human being.”

Dori Jordan 
Incredible Artist


“LaDonna PM..she is the light of anything that she is apart of. I have literally watched her blossom into a SUPER natural woman. Her strength is something to model. She encourages without even knowing. It comes natural for her. I truly believe that life situations had to occur for her to arrive to where she is now. I am proud of her becoming and I am here to cheer her on. She motivates you every step of the way of your goals and is so influential, her work ethic inspires me to accomplish my goals. Continue to follow God and walk in your purpose, LaDonna.”

Krystle Bogins-Little

Business Analyst Consultant & Owner of Creations by Krystle Interior Design


Discover Your  


and get the book I co-authored Purpose Pushers: The Joy of Discovering and Walking in Your Life's Purpose Anthology presented by Dr. Trenace Richardson. 


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Friend, I am talking about REAL connections. The heart centered kind that you have been needing in your life. You can find that here in this inner circle, ever expanding, authentic and energetically tuned to help you align with your own shadows and light. 

Email :

1567 Blanding Blvd

Jacksonville, Fl  32210

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